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What do we do at " Center"

Our newest project is to support the deported population to Tijuana,our numbers have increased one hundredfold, our deportees arrive to Tijuana without proper ID therefore unable to secure employment and end up living on the streets. Now we are opening this new "CORtijuana.Org Center" where we expect to receive as many people as possible, our only impediment is that just to take care of one person we need approximately 300 dlls per month (This includes: Food, Clothing, Bed, Basic documentation, transport, medicine, medical care, etc.) Money we do not have, that is why we are making this request that you support us, so we can help this underprivileged population.

If you would like to support us, go to the donation page, and click on the donation button, We assure you a one hundredfold return of your donation. HAVE FAITH

If you know someone that is being deported, please share this numbers: In San Diego- Area-code (619)-365-4766 In Tijuana- Area-code (664)-300-8577